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Coastal Photos UK


I carry a wide range of handmade cards and canvases.

The handmade cards are blank on the inside so you can put any message inside. The canvas is mounted onto a plastic frame and comes with an optional stand.

I can also produce any picture onto a canvas or handmade card on request for a more personal touch. A perfect gift.

I also do parties at a starting price of £80.00 that includes an A4 canvas with a picture of your choice

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.

Please see below some of my popular pictures.

If you would like to purchase any pictures please quote the Photo number next to the photo.

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1 x handmade card = £3.50 inc p&p

1 x A4 canvas = £11.00 inc p&p


If you would like to purchase any of the pictures below please go to the home page where you will find the paypal links for the relevant products

East Preston

Photo number = 1

East Preston

Photo number = 2


Photo number = 3


Photo number = 4

Littlehampton harbour

Photo number = 5

Arundel castle

Photo number = 6

East Preston

Photo number = 7


Photo number = 8

East Preston

Photo number = 9

Arundel Cathedral

Photo number = 10

East Preston

Photo number = 11

East Preston

Photo number = 12

East Preston

Photo number = 13

East Preston

Photo number = 14

East Preston

Photo number = 15