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Coastal Photos UK

About Me

My name is Scott Murdoch and

I am the creator of Coastal Photos UK.

I started taking pictures of the South Coast as a hobby about 3 years ago. In this time I had the idea to put the pictures onto blank greeting cards as I was getting a lot of interest from

friends and family.

About a year into making my cards I was approached by the local convenience shop to sell my cards to help promote my pictures as they were very impressed with my work. They also asked me to set up a stall outside their shop during the village's annual festival. This gave me a great opportunity to talk to the people who took an interest in my cards getting feedback from them to help me progress. I also had a few requests from people asking if I was available to do events etc and make cards using their own pictures.

This gave me an idea and then decided I wanted to take this further. I started to print bigger pictures and put them onto A4 canvas paper.